Branding and brand strategy
Branding and brand strategy





In 2015, the management of Productos Químicos Panamericanos – PQP, changed command as part of a generational change process in which, among other strategic bets, it began to restructure its brands portfolio. That year they invited us to be part of this process that began with a focus on Ultrex, their brand of powdered detergent.

Until 2015, Ultrex was a multi-use, low-cost brand, distributed mainly in market places and supply stores for the institutional channel, with the promise of being “the multi-purpose, economical and ultra-high-performance detergent”



How to turn a cheap multi-use detergent brand into a true alternative for the care of clothes for the whole family?



Listening to the housewives, we understood that clean clothes are synonymous with love and care for the family, which is why the reformulation of the product had to include attributes of softness and care of the garments (Fibraprotec), aroma, care for the family (antibacterial) and care for the environment (biodegradable)




  • Structuring of the brand’s value proposition, evolving from a “super economical” multipurpose powder detergent brand to a brand with a complete portfolio for laundry care based on the following pillars:
      • Best value for money
      • Technology for clothing care (Fibraprotec)
      • Biodegradable and environmentally friendly raw materials and components
  • Redesign of packaging, including the new portfolio lines: liquid detergents, fabric softeners and stain removers.
  • By the end of 2022, Ultrex projects a growth in sales equivalent to 10x those made in 2017, the year in which we began working with the brand.