Branding and brand strategy
Branding and brand strategy




In 2012, the Colombian investment fund Valorar Futuro (today Valuary) acquired the entire Aderezos brand, a family business. Its flagship product was vinaigrette and its portfolio was very basic. It was established in the range of economic sauces, with a medium profile with a presence in the modern channel and the institutional channel.

The approach to packaging, labels, and brand architecture was not only scant but rudimentary. Valorar Futuro invites us to be part of the consulting team in charge of analyzing the portfolio, interpreting the trends of the category, structuring the product lines, suggesting suppliers, and redesigning the new brand and its packaging.

Salsas Aderezos



The studies at that time gave us the following brand narrative: Aderezos was recognized for its history in the market, as a good complement, especially for salads, affordable, not very innovative and somewhat confusing.
Our challenge was to capture a new narrative in its new brand, labels and packaging: Aderezos is a brand with experience, enriching, active, oriented, seductive and provocative.



We got our proposal right based on an important finding: transparent packaging is responsible for the first driver of the category at the point of sale: color and texture. The labels are in charge of justifying and giving credibility to the attributes and benefits: sauces and vinaigrettes made with truly natural ingredients and an extraordinary flavor.



  • Sustained double-digit growth in the last 7 years. Today Aderezos is a brand 8 times bigger than in 2012.
  • Today Aderezos is a profitable and consolidated brand with a presence in the mass and institutional business that has a portfolio of more than 52 products, whose packaging and labels we have designed in their entirety.
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